With SCENTIA to your doctorate

With SCENTIA to your doctorate

We offer academics the possibility of an efficient, in-service doctorate with your desired topic.

The SCENTIA Guarantee

Recognised universities

Our clients do their doctorate sit at recognised European universities. There is therefore legal certainty that the title awarded can also be legitimately managed.

100% focus on your promotion

We take care of all administrative tasks for you. In addition, you do not have to complete time-consuming ancillary activities such as giving lectures or correcting household chores.

Minimal local presence

You do not have to attend compulsory lectures etc. The necessary local presence is reduced to a few appointments spread over the multi-year term.

Short doctoral period

The doctoral theses in the doctoral procedures we teach should not exceed 150 pages and can usually be processed in 2-4 years.

Doctorate with desired topic

We support you in finding a suitable doctoral doctor for your desired topic, take over the entire administration and accompany you personally on site.

Support in complicated cases

At state-recognized universities in Central-Eastern Europe, graduates with a final grade of "sufficient" also have the opportunity to be admitted to a doctoral degree.

We offer doctorates in the following disciplines

We only provide doctoral programmes that are assigned to the third stage of the Bologna Agreement.
Thus, there is legal certainty that, after successful public defence of the dissertation, the title awarded can also be legally managed.


Take the first step to a doctorate

We will be happy to send you further documents. In addition, we offer you to first carry out a free consultation for topic discussion and identification.

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